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Files  :: Standard 4: Evidence Resources and Support Systems
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Indicator 4.1 Qualified professional and support staff are sufficient in number to fulfill their roles and responsibilities necessary to support the school's purpose, direction, and the educational program. 4 file(s)
Indicator 4.2 Instructional time, material resources, and fiscal resources are sufficient to support the purpose and direction of the school. 5 file(s)
Indicator 4.3 The school maintain facilities, services, and equipment to provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment for all students and staff. 10 file(s)
Indicator 4.4 Students and school personnel use a range of media and information resourses to support the school's educational programs. 7 file(s)
Indicator 4.5 The technology infrastructure supports the school's teaching, learning, and operational needs. 3 file(s)
Indicator 4.6 The school provides support services to meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of the student population being served. 5 file(s)
Indicator 4.7 The school provides services that support the counseling, assessment, referral, educational, and career planning needs of all students. 8 file(s)
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